ASA Pennsylvania Joins Forces and Expands to Become Mid-Atlantic Auto Care Alliance

November 29, 2021

For more information, contact:
Ron Turner, ASA PA Executive Director
Sheri Hamilton, MWACA Executive Director

ASA Pennsylvania Joins Forces and Expands to Become Mid-Atlantic Auto Care AllianceThe Automotive Service Association of Pennsylvania Board of Directors unanimously voted to join the Midwest Auto Care Alliance to serve its members in the independent automotive service industry. This decision was in response to all ASA affiliates having their affiliation terminated by the Automotive Service Association in September. ASA Pennsylvania has signed an alliance agreement with MWACA to operate under the name Mid-Atlantic Auto Care Alliance and will expand their territory to include Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware territories. They join ASA Northwest, soon to become Northwest Auto Care Alliance and ASA Illinois which will become the MWACA Greater Chicagoland chapter. These changes become effective on January 1, 2022.

Mid-Atlantic Auto Care Alliance will continue to have its association’s activities and finances managed locally by the local board. “This is the best decision for our members going forward. MWACA has had a clear path of success over the last 3 years since they left ASA. They clearly have a better sense of direction and are willing to help the alliances who come on board. Their unique and value-added benefits and services offer a better bang for the buck for our members,” said Ross Colket, president of ASA Pennsylvania and owner of Colket Automotive Technical Services in Landale, Pennsylvania.

“We will continue to focus our efforts to bring the best value and support to our local independent automotive repair shop owners. I welcome the opportunity to network with MWACA and the other alliances,” stated Ron Turner, who has been appointed as the full-time executive director for ASA Pennsylvania.

“MWACA is excited to share the ideas, programs, and benefits that have led to our growth and success. We have a results-driven and member-focused strategy. Sharing our process and collaborating with alliances on future plans and benefits will bring opportunities and support to more automotive service professionals across the country,” said Tim Davison, president of MWACA and owner of Chumbley’s Auto Care in Indianola, Iowa.

The transition to Mid-Atlantic Auto Care Alliance begins immediately with the changeover completed no later than January 1, 2022.