Every member of the ACA agrees to abide by the following professional standards of conduct:

  • EDUCATION. We promise to educate our customers by explaining testing and analysis, repair options, as well as features and benefits of services.


  • TRANSPARENCY. We will explain which repairs and services are required now, which can be performed for at a later date, and which are maintenance services.


  • DOCUMENTATION. We promise to provide an estimate of work and obtain authorization prior to work being conducted.


  • CARE. We promise to take the highest possible care for a customer’s vehicle while it is at our facility.


  • INTEGRITY. We promise to adhere to the highest standards of service and repair in servicing our customer’s vehicles.


  • SATISFACTION. We promise to promptly address customer concerns and offer resolutions.


  • PROFESSIONALISM. We promise to uphold the professional standards of conduct in our industry in order to raise consumer confidence.


  • TRAINING. We promise to keep up with current industry technology and trends by increasing our knowledge and skills through continuing education.


  • SAFETY. We promise to provide a safe work environment for our employees.


  • ADVOCACY. We promise to work with other repair facilities, industry partners, and professionals to provide a voice for our industry and for the safety of our customer.